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Creating a CMA with Bright MLS


Description: Looking to help your Sellers with their pricing strategies? In this class your will learn how to create a comparative market analysis (CMA) in Bright MLS that can help your sellers set the right price. In this class you will learn how to: • Find the best comps from sources like listings, public records,…

Manage and Monitor Listing Activity


Description: Congrats! You have impressed the Seller and won the listing! Now what? It's time to find a buyer and sell the house by entering the listing in Bright MLS for maximum exposure! In this class you will learn how to: • Enter your listing in Bright MLS • Manage and edit your listing •…

Tools to Get Started with Bright MLS

Live Webinar

Description: Prior to your search and before adding a listing, we want to ensure that you are ready for success! This class will show you how to establish and manage your account. This class is recommended for new agents and anyone who needs a refresher. You will learn the following: • What is Bright MLS…

Bright MLS Search Essentials

Live Webinar

Description: Want to learn how search productively? In the is class you will learn how to search, share listings, and keep clients updated. You will also learn some time saving tips and tricks. You will be able to: • Navigate and fully utilize the search menu • Share and show results to your clients •…

Using Market Reports to Educate Your Buyers


Description: Do you want to be the local market expert for your buyers? Do you also want to avoid spending hours trying out figure how to use all these powerful market analytical tools? This class will show you how to use Bright market tools and reports so you will be the local market expert. You…

Learn how to avoid the most common Bright MLS violations


Description: What are the most common Bright MLS violations and how can I avoid them? In this class, we will cover MLS rules and policies that will help you avoid compliance issues and related fines. In this class you will learn: • How to find the rules and regulations • The most common violations and…