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TOP Training

Refocus and Recharge.

Experienced Agents: Has your business flourished and is currently stable?

New Agents: Did you jump into your real estate career during these last few years, which is NOTHING like any market we have ever seen before?

Are you ready for a deep dive into creating business where you are in the top 10% of agents that are doing 90% of the business?

Welcome to the TOP




TOP is an intense 8-week journey which will engage and expand your strengths to develop the business you want to fuel the life you desire. It includes one 2-hour session per week where the following great topics will be covered:

  • Your personal brand
  • Your marketing plan and budget
  • CRM - do you have one? Use one? Know what it is?
  • USP - what is it? Building and fine tuning Seller and Buyer presentations
  • Your Pipeline - building one, plugging up the leaks, and keeping it flowing
  • Contracts - do you really know the sales contract?
  • Home Inspections - managing expectations, how to avoid disappointed Buyers and Sellers, prep work to keep things moving smoothly
  • Negotiation skills - what's really important, personality types and how to adapt, getting to the Win-Win

Estates: Documentation and Disclosing Things That Go Bump In the Night

1 Core Credit

Course# C20202977

What do you need as far as documentation? Who is responsible for the estate? The necessary paperwork and required property disclosures will be discussed, in order to get the listing.

Show 3 Buy 1... The Myths of Buyer's Agency

2 Core Credits

Course# TBA

Buyer’s Agency it’s so easy we show 3 houses, go to a coffee shop, buyer picks the home they want, agent sends offer to listing agent, close on the house and everyone is happy. Fact or Fiction?

How do we educate buyers on what is most often the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime?

When do we present the CIS form? What is the responsibility of the Buyers Agent? Is the buyer a client or customer? Elements of a Buyer’s Agency Agreement and discussing compensation. All this and more will be discussed, as we work to dispel myths and avoid misunderstandings in the Buyer’s Agency relationship.

Endangering Your Real Estate License

2 Core Credits

Course# 20202973

*New Updated cases* involving NJREC violations and Ethical violations in our current real estate market. Stay out of trouble and learn the right way to handle issues Real Estate agents are confronted with in the course of a transaction.

Creative, Aggressive or Unethical

2 Ethics Credits

Course #20202975

*New Updated discussions* regarding social media advertising, MLS rules, and new business models. The real estate market is changing fast this course will help you stay ahead and understand whether certain activities are just different or unethical.

Social Media, Websites & Email Keeping it Legal & Ethical

3 Core Credits

Course # C20202971

*Updated Course* Posts, tweets, and pics what are we doing right and what have we done wrong. Covering guidelines and regulations in a changing world. This interactive class also covers protecting you and your clients in a world of cyber criminals.

Real Estate Agents Guide to Mortgages - Knowledge is Power

2 Elective Credits

Course # 20202974

The ins and outs of mortgages. Increase your sales by understanding what type of financing is available and letting a Buyer know what to expect. The Agent is the basis of every successful transaction! This class has been a favorite of newer agents and the most experienced agents.

Agency Refresher Overview

3 Core Credits

Course # 20169701

Agency relationships are the cornerstone of our business, whether it’s the relationship with our Broker, Seller, Buyer, disclosed dual agent, transaction broker. All agency relationships will be discussed. “CIS” requirements when and how should it be presented to the consumer? What are our fiduciary responsibilities?

Listing Agreements & Contracts Overview

3 Core Credits

Course # 20169703

What are the legal “must haves” in a Listing Agreement? What about the contract of sale? This course covers, elements of the NJ Realtors State Contracts, updates to contracts due to regulatory changes, attorney review & Opinion 26, Listing Agreements, Disclosures, Rebates of Commission & Transaction Processing.

Fair Housing Overview

3 Core Credits

Course # 20169702

*Updated Topics*  for our current market include; Assistance Emotional Support and Therapy animals - What's the Difference? Arrest records and disparate impact, steering, redlining and housing vouchers. Lively discussions on all of these and more as it relates to Fair Housing Laws, Violations, Exemptions, Advertising, Complaint Procedures and Penalties.

NJREC Statute & Rules Refresher

6 Core Credits

Course # 20169704

This course provides relevant and up to date information on the Real Estate Commission’s rules and regulations.

Mold and Real Estate Transactions

1 Elective Credit

Course # C20202978

Provide real estate professionals with an understanding of how mold can impact the indoor air quality environment. The course will review a general backround on mold, how mold can become an indoor air quality issue within homes or businesses, and the steps to remove a mold issue if it does occur.

203K: Building Your Dream Home With A Renovation Loan

2 Elective Credits

Course # 20202976

Instructor Anna Janda is also certified to teach the following National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) courses, which are approved for CE credit:

NAR Code of Ethics - 2 Ethics Credits - Course duration: 2  1/2 hours

REALTOR® Safety - Safe Business = Smart Business  - 3 Core Credits (Excellent course for September during REALTOR Safety Month)