TOP - Agent Coaching

Refocus and Recharge.

Experienced Agents: Has your business flourished and is currently stable?

New Agents: Did you jump into your real estate career during these last few years, which is NOTHING like any market we have ever seen before?

Are you ready for a deep dive into creating business where you are in the top 10% of agents that are doing 90% of the business?


Welcome to the TOP





TOP is an intense 8-week journey which will engage and expand your strengths to develop the business you want to fuel the life you desire. It includes one 2-hour session per week where the following great topics will be covered:

  • Your personal brand
  • Your marketing plan and budget
  • CRM - do you have one? Use one? Know what it is?
  • USP - what is it? Building and fine tuning Seller and Buyer presentations
  • Your Pipeline - building one, plugging up the leaks, and keeping it flowing
  • Contracts - do you really know the sales contract?
  • Home Inspections - managing expectations, how to avoid disappointed Buyers and Sellers, prep work to keep things moving smoothly
  • Negotiation skills - what's really important, personality types and how to adapt, getting to the Win-Win